Sunday, February 6, 2011

January is Done!

That's all of the TV and movies we watched in January! There's still plenty more un-guessed, but Tristan has a pretty impressive lead at the moment with 11 correct guesses.

Ive and RelaxingDragon are both on 6, Mark is on 2 and there's a few of you on 1.

There are still 18 opportunities for points though, so it's still anyone's game!

I'll give folks until, say, Thursday to guess at the last ones before a winner is officially named.

Remember, the leaderboard is here, and it includes links to all the not-yet-guessed posts

Good luck!

Black Swan - Watched January 31st 2011

Released in 2010:

Black Swan - Guessed by Tristan

The Cosby Show - Watched January 30th 2011

TV 1984 - 1992

The Cosby Show - Guessed by Aaron

Watched January 29th 2011

2010 TV (Documentary):

4 word title

Watched January 29th 2011

2011 TV:

1 word title

The Wire - Watched January 29th 2011

2002 - 2008 TV:

The Wire - Guessed by Tristan